Light down the tunnel…

‘Tis but four months until graduation. Creativity is flowing, but current job restrictions keep me limited to the work of metal fabrication. The other day, I explained to my boss the importance of what I do and how I can apply it to the field of game design. I broke it down like this:

  • Our company gets a contract to design a hanging sign for their tradeshow
  • Sign material goes to the Printing Department and Fabric Department
  • Metal requirements go to me
  • I take what they want and put it into AutoCAD so that I can determine what resources are needed and in what method they should be used.
  • I create a setup plan and design a 3D representation so the customer can visually approve the project before we waste time building it
  • Leading my small and devoted team, we build the metal structure from the ground-up using various tools and techniqes
  • We then test and clean the structure so that Fabric can try the material on
  • If any issues arise from the testing, we troubleshoot the problem(s), determine solutions, and then execute plans for correction
  • Once project is complete, my team and I pack the structure and send it out to the showroom floor

From what I understand, the game design industry is based on various departments working together towards a common goal. Everyone does their part to help the others and eventually produce a project. Some of the people in the industry went to school for what they do while others are self-taught. Relating life experiences and knowledge to our dream careers is the greatest asset we can ever hope to bring to any industry. The true purpose of a video game is to express an idea, emotion, and/or an experience. The perceptions we make are vital to fulfilling that purpose…. and in four months I will have more time to fulfill mine 🙂