Productive (ish) weekend!

Hey guys,

Finally found some time to update my portfolio with my class project. I was reminded when me degree came in the mail. Along with it, was a Course Director’s Award for Aesthetics and Immersion! They hadn’t informed me that I was getting an award so I was really excited to discover it.

Every time around this year, a lot of new games start being released. This is great and unfortunate. The reason why it is unfortunate (oh woe is me) is because my birthday rests around the holiday season which means that I am not allowed to buy any of these wonderful games. I can technically still purchase them, but my girlfriend would be quite cross with me. So I must suffer and wait (not in silence >D), letting all of the other players get games like Call of Duty: Ghost. I can’t complain to much though; if I got the game when it came out then it wouldn’t be any fair for them. Gotta give them sometime to learn the maps and get good.

I am trying to make it a point to stick with this blog thing. Maybe I should start posting about important topics… that or frog ninjas riding hamsters. I think either would work.