The Weekend

I am excited for this weekend. Like crazy excited! Going to be implementing the new UI into my project as well as finishing up some new animation for the player pawn. If I can get all of this done and into the game by Saturday evening then I will also be redesigning the first level and adding in a new enemy or two. The art style has changed about three times now but I am very happy with the most recent versions. It is simple, clean, and much easier to create characters and animations. Maybe I will upload a little video of some gameplay by the end of this weekend. Well, wish me luck!


Like a boss..?

Wow, has it already been 6 months since my last post? So now I need to catch you up with what is going on. In this last bit of time I have managed to get a good foothold with my current job, picked up a side job as a bouncer, quit the side job because it too much of my game design time, picked up an old projected created an awesome Trello for it, managed to meet and speak with Julian Farrior, and still maintain my sanity!

I know, crazy sauce. The next month or so is going to be pretty interesting but I will keep you informed as best I can. As always, I will see you in the ‘Verse!

GDC 2014

Last week, I returned from a fun trip to San Francisco, CA for the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference. It was a pretty incredible experience where I met a lot of people, learned a lot of cool things, and even got to divvy out some wisdom of my own. The lessons I learned from the professionals will definitely help me in the future. Until next time…

Turkey Week

Hello all,

First and foremost, happy belated Thanksgiving. I was out in the middle of the ocean and unable to connect to the internet. No, I wasn’t lost at sea or anything like that. I was on a cruise and my vessel was the Crown Princess. For those of you who haven’t been on a cruise I highly recommend it. The Princess Cruises really have their acts together and provide a wonderful experience. The first stop of the trip was at the Princess Cays for snorkeling and beach fun. This little island is actually owned by Princess Cruises and has a population of 2 when no ships are at port. Our other stops included St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk. We did a tour of Black Beard’s Castle, rode Rhinos (giant jet skis), and went scuba diving. It was a very fun and unique adventure that I think everyone should experience.

Cannon Kyle

Oh, did I mention the unlimited milkshakes and food part? The food is factored into the cruise ticket and you can get a special sticker on your room ID card (given at the beginning) that gives you unlimited soda, milkshakes, and basic coffees. This special sticker comes with a special cup that is a great souvenir and only costs roughly $2.50 a day if you get it on the first day. This is all put into a lump total and charged to your ID card account. You pay the ID card at the end of your cruise and can either pay via cash or traveler’s check, or you can just link it to your bank account and have it bill you that way.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I had a lot of fun. I will definitely be doing more cruises in the future!

– Kyle


Hello internet people!

Have any of you heard of Caving? It is this fascinating hobby of going exploring in caves to see the beauties of the underground world. Most of you might think of the term spelunking which is basically what caving is. However, the term spelunking is dated and is now often to refer to a newbie caver. This past weekend I had the opportunity to go caving in Colorado Springs near “Cave of the Winds.” It was a fascinating experience and recommend it to everyone who is not claustrophobic; it gets pretty tight underground. At several different points we had to lay flat on our stomachs and slip through long tunnels that were about shoulder-width wide, using our toes and our elbows to move through. If you are not scared of the dark and have not recently watched “The Decent,” I definitely recommend going.

– Kyle

Productive (ish) weekend!

Hey guys,

Finally found some time to update my portfolio with my class project. I was reminded when me degree came in the mail. Along with it, was a Course Director’s Award for Aesthetics and Immersion! They hadn’t informed me that I was getting an award so I was really excited to discover it.

Every time around this year, a lot of new games start being released. This is great and unfortunate. The reason why it is unfortunate (oh woe is me) is because my birthday rests around the holiday season which means that I am not allowed to buy any of these wonderful games. I can technically still purchase them, but my girlfriend would be quite cross with me. So I must suffer and wait (not in silence >D), letting all of the other players get games like Call of Duty: Ghost. I can’t complain to much though; if I got the game when it came out then it wouldn’t be any fair for them. Gotta give them sometime to learn the maps and get good.

I am trying to make it a point to stick with this blog thing. Maybe I should start posting about important topics… that or frog ninjas riding hamsters. I think either would work.

Two Days!

Well, two days from graduation. Today we are presenting our final project to all who want to see it. It has been a very long and resourceful experience. The skills I picked up during my time in school was tested, as well as some skills I learned previously. I even learned a few new ones along the way. With all of this to the wayside, I am at that point just before a cliff diver takes their final step. Anticipation? It breathes down my neck and curls my spine. Fear? Non-existent at this stage. I have a well-versed palette of skills and I know that these skills can and will be utilized to create some truly magnificent games. As for today, I will stand tall alongside my team and present our creation for the world. Oh what wonders await on the other side of this weekend.


– Kyle