Level Design

Welcome to my Level Design page. All of the work you see below was built using the Unreal Development Kit using the assets provided within the kit. Some of these levels have custom Kismet nodes that involve both mathematical equations for scores as well as camera perspective changes. Please feel free to browse through my work.


Red Planet

I developed this level with a team where I acted as Team Lead and Lead Designer. The initial design was a concept I came up with where the player had crashed on an alien planet and was struggling to survive. After several meeting and various versions, I ended up revamping the entire level design and layout to better serve the purpose of adding fear and despair to the emotional experience. I also setup a Kismet system that made the surface act as a poisonous environment. The player would gradually lose health while outside of any buildings. The video will be available here shortly. The “Cinderella Tower” of lights was not my addition to the level, but was a recommendation to another teammate who had very little time to assist with the entire development process.


Recon Tower

This level was meant to act as a close-quarters, death match that give the players limited visibility due to the fog and wind. The idea behind it is that it is a remote, recon facility located on a plateau peak. Cover and other hiding spots are scattered around the map, along with an assortment of weapons and power-ups.



Random Level Images