Finished Projects

Luna’s Wondering Stars – Unity3D, Illustrator, Photoshop

Check it out here!

Project Role: UI Designer, Design Consultant

The recently released game that I have had the honor to work on. I came into the project originally as a consultant but eventually took on the task of creating fluidity within the UI layouts as well as creating the digital art for mock versions and final versions. Due to the short amount of time and limited resources, the updates for this are in progress but the overall layout is where it needs to be. This was an exciting chance at working with a diverse group where all members have different perspectives on design as well as artistic backgrounds.


Periodic Fable – UDK, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, 3ds Max

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Project Role: Team Lead, Lead Designer, Level Designer, UI Designer, Storyboard Artist, 3d Modeler, and 3d Animator

This was my final project for my Bachelor degree for Game Design. I worked with an elite team of developers and artists to create a teaching game through the use of puzzles and science! A major challenge of this project was coming together as a team and deciding on a common direction for the game. Before the project had even started, we hand-picked our team based on our experiences with each other during previous projects. This gave our team a leading edge during the duration of our last months at school. We had weekly assessment meeting with our instructors and bi-weekly to trio-weekly meetings with each other. This propelled our success and made our project one of the more discussed topics at out campus amongst the faculty. I designed, modeled, and textured every 3d model within the game. Some of these models included animations such as a dancing beaker or bobbing element cube. I built each level’s background to fit the setting and story of our game. My biggest hurdle involved the UI because our entire team saw things in a different light. Night after night I redesigned all of the HUD elements until we finally settled on a great look and feel.

The Red Planet – UDK

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Project Role: Team Lead, Lead Designer

Using the fear of being alone in space, I designed the layout of this level to act as a progressive encounter that makes the player feel as though the planet is trying to kill them. After surviving a nasty crash, the player must make there way through a series of falling platforms, collapsing elevator, alien raiders, and poisonous atmosphere to reach the safety of an abandoned base. Only to find that something is waiting for them in the darkness. Using UDK, I turned a paper concept into an alien atmosphere working with teammates who assisted in Kismet sequences and vital quality assurance work.

Deep Space: Mine – GameSalad, Photoshop

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Project Role: Designer, Artist, Sound Engineer, Coder

This 5-minute demo was originally meant to be a simple art demo for a mock company. I decided to push myself further and build a playable demo using GameSalad’s object-based coding. Going with another space theme, I focus my target-audience more towards the younger generation of mobile gamers. All art was developed using Adobe Illustrator. Sound was created with Garage Band and video was edited using iMovie. The video for the demo can be found here.