UI Designs

Welcome to my User Interface (UI) Designs page.

Skull Break HUD

On a personal project, I started mocking up the screen layout which later became Skull Break. Below are some of the main elements of the visual style that ‘Skull Break’ is aiming for. All of the GUI art was created in Adobe Illustrator. The in-game image is from a small prototype for testing gameplay mechanics and is being shown here solely for this UI layout example.


Luna’s Wandering Stars HUD and Menu Flow

While working with Serenity Forge, they asked me to come up with some UI layouts that would work with the overall feel of the game while still remaining organized. These designs we created using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator for quickly relayed information and design purposes. All images below are © Serenity Forge 2011-2014, All Rights Reserved.

Periodic Fable HUD

You will notice considerable changes between the HUD elements as I explored different styles and ways to express and divulge information. All of the work you see below was created using Adobe Illustrator and implemented into Flash and UDK.